Practices resume October 1, 2020 on the fields previously assigned.


Stephen Cramer has 8 dozen 14" softballs for sale  for $160 a dozen. Call 808-465-5708.

Sponsored by Maui County Department of Parks & Recreation and Kaunoa Senior Services
Several Teams are in desperate need of score keepers ... call today to volunteer ... (808) 283-1390


Contact Lonnie Hardesty ~ 419 Mauna Pl ~ Kula, Maui, HI 96790 ~ (808) 283-1390

A place to hash over "anything softball" ... rulings on the filed, rule changes you want

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From calling balls and strikes to diffusing tough situations with players and managers, these folks make our league the success it is today.

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All players are 55 and older though only one player under 60 can be in the lineup at a time. If interested in participating call 808-283-1390.

Softball is one of Maui Senior's favorite pastimes, so don't worry about being a senior adult ... with a few aches and pains ... our league caters to the 55-and-over crowd: people who love the game so much, they can't let it go, and catching fly balls in the beautiful Valley Isle of Maui is life at it's best. Our 6 month season is packed with fun and excitement and we finish off the season with a state wide tournament where teams from Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island all get together for three days of fun and fellowship, an experience you'll cherish forever. Visit this site weekly to check on game schedules, scores, standings and rules.

​Parks & Rec Covid Pandemic Guidelines

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Practices have resumed! Click above to see the schedule for your team. For now you can only practice with your team.

Warm up before every game!!
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How Baseballs are Made

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